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by Hristo Vitchev

In this chapter of my “Chromatic Methenyisms” book series I will be exploring a few very easy and effective techniques for chromatic melodic ornamentation in the style of Pat Metheny which I call “Chromafills.” I will be demonstrating how we can apply such chromatic mechanisms over basic minor 7 arpeggio patterns (skeletons) in all their inversions.

The accompanying video masterclass contains all examples performed at tempo as well as slowed down and in the transcription you will find a detailed description of the specific articulation and phrasing used to achieve the melodic sensibility and feel of Metheny.

The video tutorial will also cover in great depth the four intervallic architectures that are found within the physical layout of any given minor 7 arpeggio (fingering/pattern) and the different options for chromatic melodic ornamentation that we have available for each one of them. 

Materials Included: CHROMATIC METHENYISMS (Arpeggios ala Matini) Volume 3 - Chromafills (min7) study (PDF file - TAB and Standard Notation). 50 mins. HD "Video Masterclass.". Backing track.

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by Hristo Vitchev

Part 9 presents a concept through which we can apply the basic principles and rules of the traditional “tritone substitution” between Dominant 7 chords but this time over the tonic chord of a progression or tonal center - the Maj7 harmony.

I call this way of substituting Maj7 chords - “Distant Tritone Substitution” as it takes the application of the original rules to a new and more distant sonic place.

The accompanying video masterclass explores in great detail some of my favorite ways to practice these concepts and find new ways to harmonically contrast Maj7 sonorities within the context of a static chordal vamp or a standard functional progression.

Materials Included: "Distant Tritones - major" study (PDF file - TAB and Standard Notation). 20 mins. "HD" Video Masterclass. Backing Tracks: modal Cmaj7 vamp / ii-V7-i in the key of C major.

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