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by Hristo Vitchev

In this short study I am illustrating how we can produce modern melodic phrases in the style of Pat Metheny over the intricate Tadd Dameron turnaround on his tune "Lady Bird."

You can find all my books, studies and publications on Melodic Chromatic Ornamentation Techniques in the style of Pat Metheny here.

The study consists of 4 long phrases that move over the changes of the famous "Lady Bird" turnaround (Cmaj7 Ebmaj7 | Abmaj7 Dbmaj7) while implementing some of the classic melodic inflections and chromatic ornamentations from the Metheny camp in their construction.

Materials Included:

CHROMATIC METHENYISMS (Gentle Feathers) study (PDF file - TAB and Standard Notation).

"HD Video" of All Phrases (At Tempo, Medium Tempo and Slowed Down).

3 Backing Tracks (fast / medium / slowed down).

Watch Sample Video

chasing trains final cover.jpg


by Hristo Vitchev

In this short melodic study I illustrate how we can apply all the concepts and ideas presented in my book: MODAL QUADRANGULATION (Melodic Phrases and Exercise Ideas using Intervals of a 4th) to build a modern melodic workout over "Coltrane Changes" - a reharmonization technique that John Coltrane developed over a basic ii-V-I progression that passes through three different tonal centers.

This type of modern melodic phrasing, which uses the interval of a 4th as the primary building block and architectural element of the melodic line is ideal for covering intricate harmonic movements and responding to the swift turns and twists of such sonic changes.

Materials Included:

"Chasing Trains - Coltrane Changes Workout" Study (PDF file - TAB and Standard Notation).

"HD Video" of All Phrases (at tempo and slowed down).

2 Backing Tracks (Slow / Fast).

Watch Sample Video

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